Tuesday, February 1, 2011

scariest dream for a lifetime

I have to say that i love horror movies. Especially if they have some sort of Fantasy/Science Fiction in them.
So please have a look at this video - it inspired my sick brain for the worst dream I ever experienced.

(btw you should definitely watch the movie - MIRRORS with the guy from 24)

So let's get to the dream itself:
People turning into Zombies (you'll probably read that quite often in my posts). Everyone turned into Zombies with their jaws falling apart like the one in the video. They chased me and my friends up a mountain, where a few of them died because I wanted to save my own life. Suddenly the sky went dark and lightning stroke into every single Zombies head. Everyone was happy that the Zombies had been killed by lightning and we drank a few beers.
But it shouldnt be that way: Every Zombie stood up, suddenly everyone of them was green and had big wings on their back. I had no other choice to jump into a field with high grass, where they completely tore me apart. After that I saw a big red "GAME OVER".
That was the most scariest dream I ever had and I like remembering it because of the shit my brain produces :/.

Also I'm getting into lucid dreaming since a few months - so I'll probably post some guides and stuff.

Monday, January 31, 2011

starting to get into this

Ok, hi everyone!
I wanted to start a blog for a long time now and I finally think I got the right idea for it.
As you can read from the title, I will try to share my horrific, strange movie-like dreams with you and what I think that inspired me to dream this horrendous crap that goes on in my mind.